FAQs about Complex Lymphatic Therapy

* What is Complex Lymphatic Therapy?

* How is it different from Complete Decongestive Therapy (CDT)?

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What are the prerequisites to become certified in CLT?

* When and where are the classes?

* How much is the tuition?Go to CERTIFICATION COURSES*How do I register?

Cntact us: info@casley-smith-lymphedema-courses.org

* Three weeks is a long time to take off at one time.  Do you have any shorter classes?

There is the option of taking the 3 week course in two parts–Part I (one week) covers theory and skills in evaluation/screening of people with or at risk for lymphedema; Part II (two weeks) covers the treatment techniques and protocols for the various etiologies of lymphedema and related edemas for all body parts as well as custom compression garments and alternatives.

Also, your facility can arrange to have the course offered there in different segments (for example, 4 long weekends, spread out over a period of time or with a larger component of home study) to minimize the amount of time.  However, it is important to cover all the content and full certification.

* All the other therapists in our program were certified with Complete Decongestive Therapy. Will it work to have a therapist certified in Complex Lymphatic Therapy instead?

Yes. The two methods have many similarities, and the differences complement and enhance each other. Having therapists with different training offers all the therapists in the program alternative ways to deal with various problems and learn from each other. [See also the section ABOUT CLT]

* Are there scholarships available?

Contact info@casley-smith-lymphedema-courses.org and ask for a scholarship application.