Enhance your documentation

Figure out volumes, percent of swelling, amount of reduction…

CLT Courses is now offering pre-programmed calculators to help lymphedema therapists quickly and easily get the figures you need to track the progress of your patients.

Now, while your patient is dressing, you can enter the girth measurements you took and derive
–Volumes of the whole limb or any segment you want, using either the truncated cone formula with whatever distances you choose or the cylinder formula using 4 cm distances

Using the volumes you can then find out
–Percentage of swelling for whole limb or the selected segment

–Percentage of reduction your patient has achieved

–Loss of volume, in percent and in ccs (especially helpful when your patient has bilateral limb swelling)

Using weight in pounds and height in inches, you can track obesity by finding the BMI (Body-mass-index) for each patient

AVAILABLE NOW for $75! (includes shipping in the US)
Allow 2-3 weeks for delivery

Indicate whether you want
__Truncated cone formula, with variable distances
__Cylinder formula, with 4 cm distances
__BMI using pounds and inches
__BMI using kg and cm
__BMI using kg and meters

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