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DeCourcy Squire and Judith Casley-Smith

Upcoming courses

University of Wisconsin/Milwaulkee Lymphedema III:  Beyond the Basics (for therapists with at least 100 hours of training);  April 17-20, 2013 [for more information or to register go the link at the bottom of the page.]

Comprehensive Certification Course:  May 27-June 14  Montreal, Canada

Update Course for certified therapists*:  May 24-25, Montreal, Canada
[Can be certified in a method other than Casley-Smith]

To register for either  Montreal course, go to (the website of the Lymphedema Association of Quebec)

Learn an effective way to treat patients with lymphedema, chronic venous edema, post-op swelling, or post-traumatic swelling, and how to enhance wound healing.

Complex Lymphatic Therapy is a method for treating lymphedema and other edemas. It was developed by John and Judith Casley-Smith of Australia. The Casley-Smiths were pioneers in the field of lymphology. Their groundbreaking research included the study of the microcirculation, use of the benzo-pyrones to treat filarial and other high protein edemas, and the development of exercise sequences and a variation of manual lymph drainage for the treatment of lymphedema. They were the founders of the Lymphoedema Association of Australia. John Casley-Smith died in 1997; Judith Casley-Smith resides in Adelaide, Australia.

Training in the Casley-Smith method of Complex Lymphatic Therapy (which is comparable to the European protocol of Complete Decongestive Therapy) is available in the United States.

DeCourcy Squire, PT, CLT-LANA, CI-CS, was certified as an instructor by Judith Casley-Smith in 1998 and has been teaching these courses since 1999.

What Is Special About the Comprehensive Certification Course?
--Is 135+ hours for full and comprehensive certification in the treatment of lymphedema and other edemas
--Covers MLD, compression wrapping, exercises, skin care, home programs and more...
--Incorporates the latest research on the lymphatic system and effective treatment techniques
--Meets the standards set by the Lymphology Association of North America (LANA)
--Provides lots of individual attention, with small class size (4-10 participants)
--Is taught by an experienced instructor who is also a hands-on therapist
--Gives the opportunity to practice with actual patients
--Includes certification in compression garment fitting; for Âtlanta courses, includes a tour of a compression garment factory
--Supplies a pre-course study guide, binder with extensive course notes; programmed calculator; posters of the lymphatic system; bandaging materials
--Emphasizes problem solving
--Offers follow-up consultations and mentoring by phone and/or email

For more information about certification courses, click here.

For how to register for the UWM 4 day Lymphedema Course III: Beyond the Basics, click here.

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Phone:  678-596-1785